Hi, Welcome to America Senior Savings.

My name is Brian, and I will be your hostBrianForbes


We are a group of Independent Insurance Agents with the purpose of helping You find the insurance plan [whether is Health, Long Term, Critical Illness or ObamaCare] that will meet:

  • Your Needs
  • Your Budget
  • Your Unique Situation
  • Your Risk Tolerance

As part of our commitment to provide you with the best plan, we hold to the following principles:

  • We will not persuade you into a commitment that does not fit your Needs.
  • We will provide you will full information from creditable sources, in order for you to make a good Decision.
  • We will treat you with kindness and listen to your input.
  • We will go in detail with the plans, so that you understand the services provided to you, and the costs that you will incur associated with those services.
  • We will be your Agent when things go GOOD and when things go BAD (when you fall sick and need assistance with paperwork)

Now, many will say: Why do you need an Insurance Agent?  Yes, I know there is a bad rap about Insurance Agents, because of the stigma that they are there just to sell you the highest plan, in order to get the highest commission and once they sell it to you – they disappear!

That may be correct for many Insurance Agents, but we are here to tell you, that we are they New Generation of Insurance Agents.  You see, 95% of all people in the United States, one time or another will have some type of insurance; with that said, you can either buy it directly from the Insurance carrier (like Humana), or get it through an Insurance Agent.  Now, let me tell you why the New Generation Agent is perfect for you –  We work for the Insurance Company and therefore:

  1. This means that whether you buy it directly from the Insurance Carrier or through an Agent, your PREMIUM does not change!
  2. As such, we are now realizing that we MUST create and maintain a “relationship of trust”.
  3. We focus on your needs versus trying to sell you the highest insurance plan.
  4. We nurture our relationship through constant contact, either through mail, internet or phone – even a personal visit.
  5. As Independent Insurance Agents, we shop around among the dozens of company to ensure cost savings just for you.
  6. They are many Insurance websites that allow you to sign up online.  We are not one of them.  We require that we talk at length about not only the products, but your NEEDS.  That cannot be accomplish through the websites.
  7. The New Generation of Insurance Agent is your point of contact for assistance when it directly or indirectly relates to insurance, health plans, etc. For example, answering medicare questions; helping get a bill pushed; helping you with appeals, etc.


As you can see, we are very proud of the title of Insurance Agent.  That is the difference!  If you currently have an Insurance Agent and it is NOT doing the actions that we just outlined – It is time to get a new one.  Simple as that!

Please contact us through phone, email or the contact form.


We work with our sister company, Nebula Insurance, which offers Life insurance and Final expense.  However, we only advertise their Nebula Insurance Learning Center, which is full of tutorials, information, research, and contacts to government agencies.  All the information in the Nebula Insurance Learning Center comes from creditable and reputable sources.

America Senior Savings is also committed to analyze your current plan to find whether you are paying too much, or the plan is not meeting your needs.  Health plans change every year and you may not be aware of those changes.

Please contact us right away.

Thank you for your patronage


Brian Forbes Sr.
America Senior Savings