Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)


As Independent Agents, we are not restricted to offer a few products.  We actually have a long list of carriers that offer competitive products.  Remember, all these companies are bidding for your business.  You owe it to yourself to shop around and with the consultation of an expert in the subject and resources such as or our Nebula Insurance Learning Center, make a good informed decision.

When we first get with a client, we sit down and the first thing we do is evaluate their needs, then we look at their budget, then we contrast that against specific conditions or variables that might affect which plan is the best that fits them. Then we use that information to find the best plan among dozens of companies.

This is not a quick process!  Most companies have around 6 to 10 plans each!!  They are two important features that you must always look at (or if you have an insurance agent, make sure they go through these):

  • Summary of Benefits : This an easy to understand document that provides information on some of the plan’s features and coverage. It includes details on benefits, limitations, premiums and cost sharing (such as copays and deductibles), to help you better understand and evaluate your health coverage choices.
  • Evidence of Coverage: This document includes a detailed legal description of your benefits and costs as a member

The National Care Planning Council has an exhaustive list of companies that offer Medicare Advantage Plans:

Medicare Approved Organizations which offer Medicare Advantage

Most Medical Advantage plans include prescription drug, vision, dental, and other services that Original Medicare does not offer.  An important choice of plan is to ensure the plan carries your prescription medication. has developed a tool where you can find Medicare Advantage Health Plans in your area.  Although, it is a great tool to use, use it as a research only as part of your decision-making.  Find an Independent Insurance Agent that will personally assist you.  If something goes wrong, it is better to have that Independent Insurance Agent phone number that already knows you, your needs, your living situation, etc., rather than talking to someone new on the phone.

Here is the website for the Medicare Plan Finder Tool.

To learn more go to the Nebula Insurance Learning Center, and look for Medicare Advantage.


As always you are welcome to get in touch with one of our Agents.  Call us, so we can help find you the BEST plan.  There is no charge or committment!!